WE Evolution proudly brings to you our latest creation: The Mentoring Space. Hosted by Maria Gabriela Hoch, the Mentoring Space is a unique opportunity to enrich your personal and professional growth through targeted mentoring. The group sessions feature diverse guest mentors that offer exclusive advice and coaching on various areas. By signing up, you will be able to shed light on topics our mentors specialize in that are beneficial to you. This virtual event is open to everyone interested in bolstering their knowledge and network.

  • Free for Members. 
  • Bilingual (Spanish & English) virtual event. 
  • Zoom link opens at 12:00 pm ET (half an hour prior to the start of the event) for thirty minutes of open conversation. We invite you to join early to connect and engage with other attendees!

Our first session of The Mentoring Space on June 16th 2020 was a raging success. WE spotted a widespread need for personal branding and digitalization of businesses. Therefore, women of our network specialized in these topics were guests during the session.

Attendees eagerly asked each other questions about the world of digitization and mentors were able to provide key insights about the digital transitions of businesses, especially regarding post-covid times. The women leaders and entrepreneurs explored digital areas relevant to their businesses and gained new connections to advance in these.

Even after hosting numerous networking programs and activities, the willingness to help and learn between women and the eagerness to support and watch fellow leaders succeed left us astounded and joy-filled. We can confidently say that The Mentoring Space provided our community members a chance to use their power to empower.

Our three inspiring  guest speakers on June 16 were marketing and communications professionals experienced in the digitization of businesses and offered exclusive advice and mentoring on these topics. 

A sneak peek at our guest mentors: 


We encourage you to spend a nourishing hour with us by joining in on one or more of the scheduled session dates! Bring your questions ready so that we may make the most out of The Mentoring Space!

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