On International Women´s Day and every single day

On International Women´s Day and every single day

Our monthly newsletter for March is out! We tell you all about the 7th Annual Global Mentoring Walk of International Women’s Day!

We are now at the beginning of the year, therefore since we want to keep building the connection, this issue we present you with some of the opportunities you can find in our year-long program and strengths through our exclusive programs and initiatives in the remainder of 2022. there are advantage of!

Take a look!


January Newsletter – Welcome back!

January Newsletter – Welcome back!

Our monthly newsletter for January is out! Do not miss our incredible new program opportunities, powerful activities and inspiring articles chosen specially for our WE Evolution Members.

Welcome back and happy 2022! We would love to catch you up on the WE Evolution news and explore together how you can participate and what would benefit you the most from our upcoming programs according to your goals so we can help you reap the benefits of this year.

Don’t miss out on all the opportunities we have for you in January, specially the registration for the 7th Vital Voices Hybrid Mentoring Walk | Talk. We look forward to seeing you take advantage of these offerings in 2022 and beyond

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