The power of women supporting each other

A note to all women…

Challenging the view that the only way to get to the top is by competing with other women, the truth is that women who help each other tend to be more successful than those who do not. A community of female leaders that support one another generates collective power and, as a result, impact.

A woman that is willing to use her power to open doors for another like her, increases the number of females in leadership positions, and therefor enlarges the impact that women have on making decisions in all matters.

Economic Professor in the University of Virginia Amalia Miller and Astrid Kunze, prove in their study “Women Helping Other Women? Evidence from private Sector Data on Workplace Hierarchies,” that the promotion of females to high-ranked positions increases women’s promotion rates. This emphasizes women’s willingness to help other women in earlier stages of their career.

In a world where there is systemic discrimination towards women in the workplace, a woman — to succeed — needs the guidance and support of other women that have been through the challenges present in a culture that often, and many times subconsciously, regards men as the adequate gender for leadership. The study also discloses that increased promotion rates as result of more female bosses is related with women’s disposition to mentor, from experience and expertise, other females that want to advance in a gendered workplace.

Actress and TV Host of ABC’s RightThisMinute, Christian Vera says about women that have inspired and guided her throughout her career, “mentors will be a key to your success because they can provide advice and knowledge based on their own trials and tribulations”.

Finding a close network of women that can help you grow in your career is important, and, although networking can sound intimidating, it is actually less complicated than it appears to be.

Leave the pressure of obtaining the best job and the best connections behind and focus on finding women with similar interests and objectives as yours. This way, you can build genuine relationships with people that you relate to and easily work with in the future. Get to know other women by sharing challenges and experiences, which will allow you to grow personally and professionally.

Once you find several women that you relate to, seek to create a friend group; one that will be invested be in your personal and professional growth. Find those whom you can brainstorm ideas with and lean on when you need help. Share opportunities with each other: when you meet new people, connect them with your close friends as well; when you discover a career opportunity, make sure to share it with your girls. Have each other’s backs.

Remember what is important to you. Prioritize you values over your professional success and make sure that your make time for people and experiences that fulfill you.

Follow up. Do not be scared to contact someone who you met once out of fear that they will not be receptive. People like it when you have them in mind. Even a short greeting through email can go a long way. One-time conversations are not as rewarding as lasting and nurtured relationships.

Last but certainly not least, build other women up. Compliment them and remind them when they are doing something right. Share their positive qualities with others so that they may notice these as well. Be confident enough in your own skills that you make room for women around you to succeed.

Let’s celebrate each other’s success because, when we unite, magical things happen.