Hello WE community!

We wanted to give our Monthly Mentor News newsletters an everlasting life so that you may enjoy them well after they are released! Below, you can find all of the newsletters that have been released since June 2020. Feel free to browse through them to explore the major events and resources of each edition.

June 2020: WE serve YOU (English) | WE está a tu Servicio (español)

July 2020: WE see YOU (English) | WE te VÉ Realmente (español)

August 2020: WE hear YOU (English) | WE te Escucha (español)

October 2020: WE value YOU (English) | WE te Valora (español)

December 2020: WE honor YOU (English) | WE te Honra (español)

With love and gratitude,

Maria Gabriela “Tissy” Hoch